HIE Networks & Operators

The Texas HIE Map below illustrates areas with community-based and private Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks.

To strengthen and streamline local coordination of HIEs, the THSA supports a set of shared services, referred to as HIETexas, enabling HIE-to-HIE connectivity between authorized HIEs in Texas and across the country.  Through HIETexas, local HIEs will not only have connectivity to each other but will also have access to critical functions that will provide operational savings and offer uniformity in administrative, legal and compliance functions.

Click on the HIE name for more information. These HIEs enable secure electronic exchange of patient data and immediate access, which improves patient outcomes, saves lives, and reduces costs.

The HIEs listed below are either fully accredited through the Texas Health Information Exchange Accreditation Program (TX-HIEAP) or candidates working to achieve this accreditation.

Texas HIE map